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We have experience with farmers, employees of Herman Miller and other area industries and retirees. As diverse a group as this is, they share one common attribute – they’ve worked hard all their lives. We believe that people who have done so deserve two things – their money should work equally as hard for them once they have retired, and second, they deserve advisors who are committed to working hard to make this happen.

That is what continually drives us to dedicate long hours analyzing market research and carefully considering every investment decision – in other words, making sure we’re doing all we can for people who truly deserve it.


Helping make retirement the experience it can be

As a retiree, you want to know that you have enough to maintain your lifestyle and that your spouse and family will be provided for when you are gone. We’re here to help you with preserving your wealth, creating sustainable income throughout retirement and maintaining your standard of living. To this end, there are many things we do. One is to create a personalized plan designed to help preserve your wealth and mitigate the impact of market risk, taxes and inflation. This includes having a sustainable withdrawal strategy that strikes a careful balance between your need for monthly income and your desire to make your money last.

We will help you manage your required minimum distributions and determine the most tax-efficient ways to draw income from your taxable and tax-deferred investments. We’ll also make sure to review important matters such as Social Security and Medicare. Plus, we’ll collaborate with your legal and insurance professionals on important issues such as having a plan for your estate, and having the protection provided by life insurance and long-term care insurance.

You’ve worked hard all your life to arrive at this significant stage of your life. Our goal is to help you enjoy it.

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Families and individuals

Building financial well-being for families and individuals

We help families and individuals balance the needs of today with the goals of tomorrow. There are college educations to be planned for and insurance plans to be made for protecting one’s family. Whatever the need, we’ll be here for you as your family grows and evolves into future generations.

Remember that you are in this for the long term, not focused on short-term gains but on long-term growth. Investing over the long term takes patience and fortitude. Market drops and economic troughs are part of the journey in long-term investing, and using time to ride through market volatility and using the average long-term returns of the market to get compounded returns is the best way to help reach your goals.

Our mission is to serve as your family’s financial advisors for life, handling all matters related to managing and preserving your wealth – so you are free to focus on the people and priorities in your life that matter to you most.


Helping farmers seed their futures

Farmers often work for themselves, so they can definitely benefit from having a good financial partner to help them plan for the future and important issues involving large amounts of capital, including cash flow management, future income uncertainty, fluctuations in land value, government regulations, production costs and tax planning.

Many farmers consider their way of life to be more than just an occupation and have a strong emotional attachment to farming. They often tell us they would rather just cut back on their work hours or downsize the farm operation than ever retire in the traditional sense – but nonetheless the realities of aging must be considered.

We can sit down with you and create a financial plan that comprehensively addresses your unique needs, goals and concerns.

Business owners

Helping business owners build for tomorrow

We have dedicated much of our own careers to serving the financial needs of business owners. In our view, there are two reasons why you should have an advisor who understands your needs as a business owner. You devote long hours to running and growing your business, and do not have the time to devote to the important financial issues that must be addressed. Second, your personal wealth may be intertwined with your business and you need to have a solid exit strategy for the eventual transfer of wealth.

Working with you as a partner in your success, we’ll take the time to understand your goals and help you address a variety of needs, including asset protection, cash management, tax planning, employee retention, insurance, financing and succession planning.

In addition to our knowledge and experience, we have access to the resources of Raymond James, one of the country’s leading financial services firms. You can enjoy the confidence of knowing you have a single, trusted source for financial advice – and more time to devote to your business.

Herman Miller employees

Addressing the financial issues relevant to Herman Miller employees

Bryan worked at Herman Miller, as did a long line of his family members. As a result he has a great familiarity with the retirement plans and benefit programs offered by the firm. Today, we work with current and retired employees of Herman Miller.

As with all corporate employees, those at Herman Miller can face many complexities when managing their personal finances, including diversifying their portfolios and mitigating the risks associated with owning a large concentration of company stock. Our team specializes in providing wealth management guidance to Herman Miller employees on many key issues, including:

  • 401(k) plan options
  • Concentrated stock positions (MLHR)
  • Stock options (e.g., RSU, ISO, NQSO)
  • Stock ownership requirements
  • Deferred compensation (Executive Equalization Plan)
  • Navigating corporate resource websites (Mercer)
  • Pension programs (Cash Balance Plan)
  • Net unrealized appreciation (NUA) analysis


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